Eco Friends 자원봉사자 설명회

2012.06.14 15:39

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봉사원도 늘어나고, 활발한 활동이 기대되는 청소년들

New Vision Youth Community Center is recruiting new volunteers for Eco Friends.

New Vision Youth Community Center(NVYCC) is offering a teenage volunteer program, Eco Friends, in order to prevent the problems of the young people.

 NCYCC had a presentation about Eco Friends on May 31st at the Cherry Hill Public Library. Eco Friends is made in order to help teenagers to volunteer independently without asking their parents to give them a ride or finding a volunteering program to join.

In Eco Friends, the volunteers are split into small groups and do activities such as cleaning the park or other public places. Parents and the volunteers who attended the presentation filled out the application form for the Eco Friends.

The student leader Whee sung Lee (Camden Catholic 11th) has come up with the idea and the activities of Eco Friends. She encouraged other students to participate in the program and helped other students by peer counselling. If a volunteer has more than 100 hours of volunteering, he is eligible for receiving the presidential service awards.

NVYCC is also planning for internships and one day camps learning about teenage issues and counselling those who are struggling with the issues.

 [코리아윜 신문에 난 기사, 장소 :체리힐도서관, 5 31.2012]