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2010.03.04 17:32

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My Love: KMC Youth Group
            Tina Kim

I fell in love with this youth group  3 years ago when I saw how much everyone was dedicated to serving God. there were times when we got angry at each other but it was only matter of time  before we were laughing again.

there' no official meeting on wednesdays but we come to church and share with each other the things that have happened for the past 3 days. couple of us plays instruments for the adult praise on wednesdays and the  others help each other with homework or just have fun.
every friday is the youth group meeting.  We have praise together and divide up into small groups and have bible study. Once a month. we go out for fellowship and we do various things. Every two months. couple of churches gather and have joint worship night.
Sundays are the busiest days of all. there is the English Service at 9:30 for the young adults and then there is the youth Group Service at 11. After the 11 O'clock Service is over. we divide 게 into small groups and have a bible study. And then there is lunch. The time we have all been waiting for. After lunch.  there is the praise team practice and once a month. we have prayer meeting. which is voluntary and it is the time when we gather and pray together.
Every summer. we go on a mission trip to Dominica for a week, we realize how blessed we are to have all the things that we have and how much we are being loved by God. It is the time of true unity and time of giving.
I ask that you guys pray for our youth group. that we will be able to frow more in God and become the children that God wants us to.