Rev. Wang Gyu Chae / Executive Director

Statement of Purpose

1. To provide a wide range of social services for Asian-American youth and their families.
2. To assist families in crisis through intervention and counseling.
3. To research and develop juvenile delinquency, crime, and Asian gang prevention programs.
4. To establish community based social service programs that will improve the quality of life for inner city Korean and other Asian youths and their families.
5. To advocate social changes that improve the quality of life for Asian immigrants and all Asian Americans.


Founded in 1995 to address a serious void in social services specifically needed for a rapidly increasing population of immigrant Asian-American youths and families, New Vision Youth Services is a non-profit 501 (C, 3) social agency supported by concerned community individuals, foundations, corporations.

New Vision Youth Services strives to bring hope and empowerment to inner city youth families through the care of professional staff and provision of opportunities for meaningful self-esteem building activities.

New Vision provides the following services:

Youth Counseling & Crisis Intervention:  Free counseling services are made available for teenagers that are experiencing difficulty with cultural adjustment, depression, anxiety, family conflicts, and other such similar problems.  We have an open door policy for youth.  Teenagers needing counseling may call or visit our office at anytime.  Our youth crisis intervention program was created to assist teenagers that may have abused drugs, runaway from home, or become involved in juvenile delinquency crimes.

Family Mediation:  Youth counseling is often incomplete with individual care.  Whenever possible, it is essential that the entire family be included in the counseling process in order to restore its harmony.  Since mis-communication between parents and their teenagers is often the cause for the breakdown of a family, our goal is to assist the family in re-establishing lines of communication and to help parents and teenagers resolve their conflicts.  Parents are encouraged to call or make an appointment. 
"Turning Point" Asian Youthful Offender Aftercare:  
This service has been developed to assist the courts and the Departments of Correction and Probation in placing Asian juveniles under supervised follow-up care.  After a juvenile is either put on probation or released from detention, he may need assistance in readjusting to a normal routine of life.  The Turning Point program can help a young person in the following ways: (1) Set up regular individual counseling sessions for the youth.  (2) Assist the youth in getting back into the educational system.  (3) Arrange weekly phone or visitation contacts with the youth in order to monitor his/her progress.
(4) Provide the opportunity for youth to perform in community services.  (5) Submit regular progress reports to the court or probation department.  (6)  Provide follow-up family counseling.  (7) Provide small support groups for teenagers.  This program also runs in conjunction with our youthful offender community services program 

Second Chance Program:  This program challenges youth offenders to acknowledge that what he or she did was wrong; to awaken motivation for necessary personal changed by means of general counseling, drug abuse or alcohol abuse counseling (where appropriate), and repay for the wrong done by performing community service.

Peer Leadership Development & Training:  New Vision has developed a group of volunteer peer leaders from its membership.  The youth act as volunteer staff members planning and conducting much of the youth group related tasks.  They are also asked to give input into this organization's planning and schedule.  These staff/leaders have been trained and are a part of an ongoing mentor relationship.

Service Program Youth Community:  Teenagers are encouraged to participate and help out by performing community service.  In some cases, the school have given credit towards graduation for kids who perform a certain number of hours of community service.