A. Counseling Programs 

A-1. Youth Counseling & Crisis Intervention - Free counseling services are made available for teenagers that are experiencing difficulty with cultural adjustment, depression, anxiety, family conflicts, and other such similar problems. We have an open door policy for youth. Teenagers needing counseling may call or visit our office at any time. Our youth crisis intervention program was created to assist teenagers that may have abused drugs, runaway from home, or become involved in juvenile delinquent crimes. 

A-2. Family Mediation - Youth counseling is often incomplete with individual care. Whenever possible, it is essential that the entire family be included in the counseling process in order to restore its harmony. Since miscommunication between parents and their teenagers is often the cause for the breakdown of a family, our goal is to assist the family in reestablishing lines of communication and to help parents and teenagers resolve their conflicts. Parents are encouraged to call or make an appointment. 

A-3. Asian Youth Gang Prevention - New Vision strives to work with teenagers involved in Asian Gang activity. We work toward helping these youth break free from gang control. We also attempt to help these youth establish a healthy positive self-image, giving each individual practical constructive goals to work toward. We provide referrals to professional legal counsel to youth caught in criminal activity as well. Our "Street Impact" program is highly effective in meeting directly with known gang members. Our staff visits locations such as pool halls, parks, coffee shops, and other such locations where these youth hang out. 

A-4. School Drop-Out Prevention - New Vision, working in cooperation with several area high schools and junior high schools, is providing a vital service to students that are deemed "at-risk" or failing, discharged, or dropping out of school. "Project Success" is the name of the program developed to assist these at-risk youth. Students that have difficulty with their academic performance receive special attention. This service attempts to put teenagers back into the public schools whenever possible. For students unable to receive a conventional education, we assist them in finding alternative educational and vocational training programs. We also provide long term follow-up care to monitor each student's progress. Our purpose is to see each individual student complete a high school education and direct them toward college or a secondary specialized training education.

A-5. "Street Impact" Asian Youthful Offender Programs - This program has been developed to assist the courts and Departments of Correction and Probation in placing Asian juveniles under supervisor follow-up care. After a juvenile is either put on probation or released from detention, he may need assistance in readjusting to a normal routine of life. The Street Impact program can help a young person in the following ways: (1.) Set up regular individual counseling sessions for the youth. (2.) Assist the youth in getting back into the educational system. (3.) Arrange weekly phone or visitation contacts with the youth in order to monitor his progress. (4.) Provide opportunity for youth to perform community service. (5.) Submit regular progress reports to the court or probation department. (6.) Provide follow-up family counseling. (7.) Provide small support groups for teenagers. This program also runs in conjunction with our youthful offender community service program, which receives most of its referrals from the Queens District Attorney's Second Chance Program under the supervision of A.D.A. John Devlin. 

A-6. AIDS and Substance Abuse Counseling & Referral - teenagers involved with drug and alcohol abuse are provided with basic counseling. Severe cases are referred to professional drug and alcohol treatment programs. AIDS counseling is provided for any youth that requests it. The youth at-risk for contracting HIV/AIDS is directed to a blood-testing site and is given follow-up care and counseling. 

A-7. Youth Employment - This program is designed to assist youth in obtaining part/full-time employment. Employment is found through media announcements regarding youth summer jobs and after-school employment. 

A-8. GED Program - This program was developed to help potential students from ages 16-22 to earn their GED who have for some reason in time discontinued previous education.  This programs goals are to help students to either be able to work with the equivalent of a high school diploma or better yet, further their education to post-high school education.  Currently meeting 4 nights a week with certified teachers from Cheltenham School District, Biblical Theological Seminary, and other well respected organizations.  Currently started with 3 students but are expanding and hope to expand more to a wide array of youth who would like to further their education and and more importantly value of life.

B. Direct Assistance Programs 

B-8. After-School Meals Program - A majority of New Vision youth come from difficult family situations. Approximately 35% of the youth and their families fall under the poverty level and approximately 10% of the families are receiving public assistance. They are limited in resources and finances. The after-school meals program was initiated because youth were showing up hungry and without enough money to purchase food. New Vision staff looked for inexpensive ways in which to provide hot and cold food. Through the cooperation of area restaurants and grocery stores, we were able to provide meals for the youth. 

B-9. Asian Youth Membership and Advocacy - New Vision has both an active and registered membership roster for any youth that desires to be a part of this organization. All members are put on file and given a membership card. Active members are given a photo ID card. New Vision is building a membership in order to represent Asian Youth issues in various areas of school, political and legal matters. We believe that the next generation of Asian immigrants is severely under-represented and that the advocacy on behalf of Asian youth and the Asian community is urgently needed. In the past, New Vision has advocated on behalf of Asian youth in the school districts and courts. We shall continue to do so as we build a representation. 

B-10. Legal Assistance Fund - New Vision not only provides legal referrals, but also from time to time based upon severe cases of hardship, financial assistance is provided in order to retain qualified legal counsel. 

B-11. Charity/Financial Assistance Program & Fund - It is one of the major goals of New Vision to help and aid youth and their families that are experiencing severe financial hardship or have been brought below-standard existence due to some problem (i.e. homeless, jobless, etc.). In severe cases, New Vision has provided (temporary) charitable funds to such individuals or families. 

C. Information, Training & Education 

C-12. Peer Leadership Development & Training - New Vision has developed a group of volunteer peer leaders from its membership. The youth act as volunteer staff members; planning and conducting much of the youth group related tasks. They are also asked to give input into this organization's planing and schedule. These staff/leaders have been trained and are a part of an ongoing mentor relationship. 

C-13. Consultant & Seminars - Periodically, New Vision staff are called upon to act as consultants for other organizations. We also conduct training seminars for parents and youth workers. 

C-14. Impact: Youth Newsletter - 1000 issues are published, printed and distributed monthly to youth throughout Queens. This newsletter provides youth with a forum for communicating their thoughts, ideas, and artistic abilities. It also presents articles that deal directly with youth related issues and is used to announce future activities. 

C-15. Supporters' Newsletter - a monthly newsletter is sent to each of our supporters. 

C-16. Publications: Brochures & Fliers - a variety of brochures and fliers have been produced in order to announce and promote the work of New Vision. 

C-17. General Information and Referral - Individuals are given information about other helpful agencies, and they are referred to such agencies whenever more specialized treatment or long-term services are needed. 

C-18. Media Education - In order to educate parents and community leadership with regards to youth issues, education, youth needs, and adult-teen relationships, New Vision utilizes the various media such as television, radio, newspapers, and the internet to provide information to the Asian community. 

D. Community Service and Networking 

D-19. Community Networking - New Vision is networking with the following organizations, institutions, and agencies: Coalition for Asian-American Children & Families, National Youth Gang Center, local law enforcement, Korean Association, local schools.

D-20. Youth Community Service Program - Teenagers are encouraged to participate and help out by performing community service. In some cases, the schools have given credit toward graduation for kids who perform a certain number of hours of community service. 

D-20. Youthful Offender Community Service - Part of the Street Impact program, this community service and supervisory program has been developed to assist Asian youthful offenders that have had experience with the courts and probation. Youth offenders fulfill the number of hours of community service required by the courts or probation office. They serve at the New Vision site performing light duties such as: answering phones, using the copy machine, sending faxes, distributing newsletters, sending out mailings, art work, participate in meetings, running errands, etc.